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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  January 29, 2011 6:15pm-6:30pm EST

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>> thank you. perhaps we pro lovers have a spiritual share in the death of those babies. king david pledges to god he would not sleep in his own bed at night until he found an address for god's temple. we sleep in our beds comfortably and babies are being slaughtered. how many of our youth here today took a day off from school and a bus ride to d.c. to champion life for one day a year. thank you very much for the youth, but it is not enough. you have to keep doing it every day, every week. many adults, religious leaders do things once or twice a year. we have to do a whole lot more
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civil disobedience. as thomas jefferson said, resistance to tyranny is obedience to god. how about those of us jews and christians who give lip service to our position on defunding planned parenthood, finding abortion legal because it remains legal because we are afraid of losing the money for the hospitals or the social service agencies, or are chastity programs which are included intentionally in the same bill with which we want to defund planned parenthood. i want to teach you how to be motivated to do more for life. you have to imagine that the baby being aborted is your brother, your sister, your son, your daughter, your grandchild.
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imagine the pain that that child is feeling as it tries to move away from the knife and the saline solution. motivate yourself. understand and focus on the true evil and let's save more babies. we call upon speaker boehner to defund the taxpayer dollars paid out yearly to planned parenthood. how or going to do this? i am telling you, the faerie in congress is so thick sometimes -- fakery is so thick sometimes you can cut it with a knife. speaker boehner, don't allow the budget item of planned parenthood to appear in committee. it should not even appear. have a strong pro-life conference committee to keep it out of the reconciliation process.
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let 35 republicans tell boehner and cantor we will not vote to pass any budget which contains any money for planned parenthood. speaker boehner, leader kantor, and tea party members, if we only prioritize spending issues and not the funding of abortion and deviance in the military, we will lose god's grace militarily, financially, morally, and socially. join me, it defund planned parenthood now. say it. defund planned parenthood now. defund planned parenthood now. ladies and gentlemen, i will
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conclude by asking president obama, who is trying to impose his mark of cain, the first killer, on our whole country. mr. president, what do you call the elimination of 50 million people and babies? do you call it mass murder? you call it genocide? what should we call someone who votes to withhold medical care from a baby who survived a botched abortion? there is something wrong, my dear friends. do you want to know why the pro- life moment is somewhat static rather than more dynamic? could it be because yesterday as did it for life had no room at the end for myself and other rabbis representing 850 rabbis?
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i was forced out by to hotel security people. we are owed an apology. we have been fighting for life for 32 years. as nellie gray said, we have to get together and unified. we have to have unity and maturity. i want to come speak to your communities. i want to get out your colleges, your christian schools. contact me by the thousands. it is late in the game. i played with you, the pledge -- sign the pledge that weeks where we will not vote for pro- abortion officeholders. if we did this, and the next
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year we get five or 10 million signatures, we will be heard. at the end of this march, i will stand with a great individual who wants to show pictures of the baby's own tv at the super bowl. he wants to use the election to do that. i as a human being have the right to endorse a great pro- life champion, and i urge each and everyone of you to start running pro-life campaigns. we want to have 100 people running for pro-life office in the republican and democratic party. god bless you and god bless america. thank you.
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do you think obama heard that? do you think john boehner heard that? and the walls will come tumbling down. god bless you. >> we are near the closing of our program today. we are a little bit over time, which is wonderful. i cannot see the end of the people passed about 11th street. i don't know how many people we are today, but we are in great numbers. the reason we are here in great numbers is i have so many to
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thank for all the work everybody has done out in the states and here in washington d.c. we will have the closing prayer. >> in the name of the father and the son and holy spirit, amen. as we conclude our historical and an invigorating program, let us back our heads in prayer to the lord. we began the march for life and we say thank you, lord, for the sunrise of the day. thank you for the breath of life, for the ability and grace to open our eyes and see the beauty of creation. thank you for the things seen and unseen. we marched and pray, soften the
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hearts of our leaders, the 44th president of these united states, barack obama, the congress and the senate and the supreme court to see that all citizens born and unborn have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and must be protected. we begin the march for life and we say lord, we have come to our nation's capital as citizens and sons and daughters of the greatest country on earth. we have come to reclaim the halls of justice to the very steps of our supreme court, to 1600 pennsylvania avenue, and to say that life is sacred from the moment of conception. from my it christian tradition in the eastern orthodox church, for over 2000 years we believe
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and teach the dignity of human life and that life has been sanctified in the darkness of the womb by the virgin birth, with the un created light of christ, the womb of mary. the incarnation of christ is the incarnation of the word of god. it is the incarnation of love. so the unborn in the womb already adorned with the image and likeness of god, every bird is bringing each person from non being into being, ceiling each person with divine an infinite love. we teach that jesus is the light of life. true god of true god. therefore every birth is that
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unique expression of god's love for humanity. with this divine love we embrace today the young and old, the rich and poor, the healthy and the sick, the marginalized and the victimized. we embraced the black and white, the religious and nonreligious. we come together in this march as the people of god and we come together as people of goodwill. we marched to constitution avenue to light a candle and eliminate and pierced the darkness of rejection and despair. we come together as the march for life, for where are the great mosaic of america. today in the hundreds and thousands gathered, we represent the heartland of america. we are the west coast, we are
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the east coast, we are the north, we are the south, united in the fabric antheil's of life, and we shot from the mountain tops -- shot from the mountain tops. we are a boarding in the future civic and spiritual leaders. we are a boarding the future scientists, future doctors. we are a boarding --aborting our sons and orderdaughters. we pray for the founder and president of the march for life, nellie gray, for her continued good health and leadership, for all the spiritual leaders gathered today, for all the new political leaders who have embraced the sanctity of life and its noble and divine cause
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with the eternal consequences. so let us conclude and prayed to the lord. ♪ [singing "god bless america"]
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